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I'll add a page like this one to describe each family member I've researched. I'll create links to these individual pages from my "Family Members List Page."

Here's the type of information about each person I might include:

Date and place of birth: Oct 1874
Born: Burnett Co., Fairlaine community, TX
Date and place of death: Nov. 1971, Chandler Az, buried: Florence Az
Parents: Newton Lafayette Wallace @ Cornelia H. Ellis
Marriage date and place: Unknown
Names of children
1:Newton Albert Wallace b. Feb 18, 1906

 2. Opal Virginia Wallace Elam b. Jan 24, 1908

 3, Lella Jane Wallace  Zeal b. May 18, 1910 

 4.. Ceola Nadine Wallace Stephens Bone b. Dec. 1, 1912

  5. Raymond A. Wallace b. Aug 13, 1915

  6. Dan W. Wallace B. May 5, 1918

  7. Charles A. Wallace b. Jan 4, 1921

  8. Daisy Gayle Wallace Jackson b. Nov 8, 1932

  9. Maxine Nadine Wallace Stringfellow b. Feb 17, 1924

 10. Jimmy Eugene Wallace b. Dec 28, 1931 (died age 6)   word has it that Jimmy Wallace was not actually Raymond C. Wallace's legitimate son. I have no proof however.

Marital status: Married

Name of spouse: Nevada Salyer

Immigration information

U.S. military service record: WWI DRAFT RECORD FOUND Card #35-35-0: living in OKla.

1880 Census Record: Living with parents (age4/5) in Burnett Co., TX

1920 Census Record: Living in Shawnee City,Pottawatami Co., Ok

Listed as working in Real Estate.

1930 Census Record: Living in Kenilworth, Penal Co., Az

Places the person lived: Born in Texas, lived in Oklahoma and moved to Coolidge Az where he lived until 1970 when he lived with daughter Ceola and family till his death in Nov. 1971.

It is said at one time Raymond Cabbott Wallace had disappeared and his wife, Nevada had thought him dead, remarried and had a son name Jimmy. However.  Raymond C. (Cab) Wallace returned to find his wife married to another man. He is said to packed up his family, and moved them to Az raising Jimmy as his own until his death at age 6.

I have been told the family home is no longer on the property in Coolidge Az. I had many fun hours there growing up.

Where the person "fits" in our family tree: Raymond Cabott (Cab) Wallace is my great-grandfather.

Sources:  word of mouth by my Grandmother Ceola Wallace Stephens Bone and my Gr-Grandmother Nevada's Bible which records the names and birthdates of all 10 children as well as birthplaces. The birthplace for Ceola however is not listed but she is said to have been born in Stroud, Ok.

One of the last 2 photo's taken of Raymond.C. Wallace before he died in 1971,

I have a couple when he was 96 years old, I am unable to post them at this time.

Memories and Stories

I remember going to his house in Coolidge Az as I was growing up and climbing the tree in his yard. My brother and I also found a place that was dug underground where I found out my Mom and cousins used to play.

Using an outhouse was an interesting thing as a kid. Never saw a bathroom not hooked up to the house.  However, Granddad Bone built an addition to the house hooking it to the ourhouse, even had a tub in it...

The house was also located close to a railroad track, which as a child, scared me when the trains went by. My brother and I also found an underground cave where we played until Gr-Granddad Cab told us to stay out of it. We were fortunate it didn't cave in on us when we were in the thing.

He used to take me out to his shed's and show me his rocks etc. I don't think he let anyone else near them from what Mom told me.

My Great-Granddad was a character and I am glad I had the chance to get to know him. He could tell a story, must be a Wallace tradition or talent.

If this family member has a web page or e-mail address of their own, I might include the address here.